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INVESTIGATION : A 16 years old London girl earn more than $5,000 a month working from home!

By Math McKay for Financiz | 4.517 readers
Last Update : Tuesday 20 February 2018

The editors of Financiz came across this enticing information and rather than twiddle our thumbs, we decided to investigate in order to understand the method used to make so much money. After a long week of research, we managed to get in touch with this girl who explained everything to us. In these times of crisis, it seemed natural to share this secret with you.

How does she do it?

This young girl, who wishes to remain anonymous, discovered, in fact, an internet platform that allows you to successfully trade without any prior knowledge. We will not maintain the suspense much longer: this platform is called GOLD BINARY ROBOT. It allows you to run trading automatically. Here is a presentation of the platform.

Video of a Gold Binary member

Sign up to Gold Binary Robot

We tested Gold Binary Robot

Gold Binary Robot allows its members to automatically trade on the platform. So without any knowledge you can invest the amount you want and the software will put all trades for you. The real advantage of Gold Binary Robot is that it has a demo mode. In 2 minutes you can sign up and start testing the product immediately. This is what we did!

The sign-up to the service is quick: 15 seconds. We then come to the trading interface. After a quick explanation of the different sections, we are now in control of a demo account credited with $1000. This amount is perfect for testing the service. The platform menu is very complete but what interests us is seeing whether we can make money.

The Gold Binary Robot interface

Five minutes after the signup, we decided to launch the Auto Trade. We decided to return a few hours later. When we connect to the platform again, our portfolio has increased from $1000 to $2340 in only a few hours! The next day we were at $3780. Some trades lost, of course, but the majority gained.

Sign up to Gold Binary Robot

Opening a real account

The performance of the demo account convinced us: we decided to switch to the real account to start making money for real. To do this, it is very simple. Just click on the Real Account button. After that, the deposit process takes 1 minute. We deposit $500 into our trading portfolio and we do exactly the same thing as before by clicking the Auto Trade button on the platform.

The results were quite impressive because 24 hours later we had $1,430. After a week of trading our account increased from $500 to $6,330! We decided to withdraw $5,000 to our bank account so that we could continue trading with $1,330. We quickly received the $5,000 earned. After little less than a month of operation, the trading account stands today at $28,755.

Our opinion on Gold Binary Robot

Our experience with Gold Binary Robot went from surprise to surprise. It even seems too simple to be true. But it is real. We urge you to at least try the platform with a demo account and make up your own mind later on.

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Posted by Paul
20 February 2018

In 3 days I already have a profit of $650. I deposited $400 in Gold Binary at the start!
Posted by Mickael
20 February 2018

I know the trading world well and I have to say this tool is incredible.
Posted by Vanessa
20 February 2018

I know absolutely nothing about it and this works! Personally, I keep this information to myself.
Posted by Gloria
19 February 2018

I just signed up to Gold Binary Robot: I will let you know the results.
Posted by Malik
19 February 2018

THANKS for this post !!!
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What to remember
  • At 17, she transformed an investment of $400 into monthly income of $5,000 to $7,000.

  • Other people report earning $850 or more using the same method: Gold Binary Robot
How to do as she did?

If, like her, you want to take this opportunity, here is how to begin:

Step 1 : Create an account on Gold Binary Robot

Step 2 : Test the platform in demo mode with the $1000 offered to you

Step 3 : Convinced? Deposit your funds for investment with the broker indicated

Step 4 : Start earning money automatically and making withdrawals